Didcot Programme

Serious about sorting out the fossil fuel industry?

This years’ Reclaim the Power will prepare you for the next 5 years of direct action – with everything you need to get started from inspiring grassroots groups. Our ‘Ministry of Dissent’ is your one-stop shop for skilling up in taking direct action with trainers on hand all day Sunday. Learn about how to set up an energy coop or an entire autonomous region with Rojava activists. With updates from the effective grassroots campaigns of the Radical Housing Network to the rapid response work of London Black Revolutionaries, taking on the “Big 6” with Fuel Poverty Action and community mobilising with Disabled People Against the Cuts.

Kick-start your day with “80’s Disco Yoga” and find out about your legal rights. We’ve first hand news from Focus on the Global South about the Paris Climate Talks and this camp is your chance to team up with new friends and take action. With a comedy double bill and plenty of excuses to dance, come and get ready for the fight back and have a laugh along the way. There will be a kids space every day and music in the evenings. Monday 1st June will be a day of Mass Action against the fossil fuel industry.

To see a complete break down of full workshop titles and who will be leading them, click here.


12.00pm Building the camp together
1.30pm Lunch
2.30pm Building the camp together
6.30pm Dinner
7.30pm “Activist Speed Dating” **
8.30pm Ceilidh
10.30pm Power down

     ** “Activist Speed Dating” is a matchmaking activity designed to coordinate teams over the course of the weekend at our Mass Action Camp. Read more about it, including a first-hand account of the speed dating process, here.


TIME Workshop space 1 Workshop space 2 Workshop space 3 Workshop space 4 Workshop space 5 Open Space Tent
7:30am 80s Disco Yoga!
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Camp Meeting
10:45am Planning a direct action Anti-fracking campaign in the Basque region and the upcoming international camp Frackanpada Divestment Campaign – Can we pull the rug out from financing runaway climate chaos? Coal powers the UK: Act now to end it Consensus decision making, when it’s useful and how to make it better TBA
Hosted by: Reclaim the Power The movement against fracking in Euskal Herria (Basque region) UK Fossil Free Coordinator Coal Action Network Seeds for Change  
11.45am Break
12pm Introduction to direct action training From Gentrification to Gasification: Fighting and winning against the housing crisis New coal, burning forests and the clean coal lie How to tell the difference between a dodgy technology and an appropriate one Strategy: Why take action, what kind of action to take and when? TBA
Hosted by: Seeds for Change A forum with input from the Radical Housing Network Biofuelwatch, Corporatewatch & Coal Action Network Breaking The Frame Reclaim the Power  
1pm Lunch – Community Feast – All welcome
2pm “Activist Speed Dating” activity continues
3pm Know your rights training: How to deal with the police International Mining: Preparing for this summer’s anti COP camp Fracking won’t bring down the bills – what will? What would industry workers like to see in a future of renewables? What can Grow Heathrow teach us about long term community camps? Open discussion about anti-oppression and movement building
Hosted by: Green and Black Cross Legal Yes to Life: No to Mining, Hambacher Forst Fuel Poverty Action Hosted by Ewa Jasiewicz (organiser with Unite Hotel Workers Branch) with speakers from Campaign Against Climate Change and PCS Union Plane Stupid and Transition Heathrow Reclaim the Power
4.30pm Break
4.45pm Post Action: If you are arrested, what next? DIY Renewable Energy: A beginners guide From Arms to Renewables 7-year-old Zane was killed more than a year ago but he has no death certificate. How many more of us are at risk? Can the COP process provide the change we need? TBA
Hosted by: Green and Black Cross Legal with Netpol Demand Energy Equality Campaign against the Arms Trade Truth About Zane Reclaim the Power & Global Justice Now  
6:15pm Dinner by Oxford Food Surplus Cafe
7:15pm What do we want for our energy future and how do we make it happen?
8:15pm Comedy double bill: Pete the Temp & Danny Chivers
8.45pm Band and DJs
11pm Power down

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TIME Workshop space 1 Workshop space 2 Workshop space 3 Workshop space 4 Workshop space 5 Ministry of Dissent
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Camp meeting
10:45am Voices from communities
11:45am Break
12pm Group dynamics on actions Is RTP an anarchist space? Lessons from around the world #MigrantLivesMatter: The causes of migration, the EU’s response and how we can help those in need We are the largest local network of environment projects in the world.. and we’re right here! Effective campaigning using the Australian anti-fracking movement as an example. Your one-stop shop for learning direct action skills
Hosted by: TBC Corporate Watch London Black Revs Community Action Groups Oxfordshire (CAGsOxfordshire) Seeds for Change Reclaim the Power
1pm Lunch – Community Feast – All welcome
2pm A guide to blockading Community Energy Co-ops; How to set one up – A local story Why austerity is a choice we don’t have to take Energy Democracy: How do we build the alternative energy future we need? Preparing for COP 21 – mobilising at home or in Paris Your one-stop shop for learning direct action skills
Hosted by: Reclaim the Power Ethex – positive investment, Westmill Wind, Westmill Solar and WeSET UK Uncut Global Justice Now & friends Campaign Against Climate Change & National Student Climate Action Reclaim the Power
3.30pm Break
3.45pm Taking creative action against the fossil fuel industry The 1%, the law and TTIP Community Energy in Action.. Local style Nuclear Power does not provide an answer to global warming An introduction to DA used to win disabled rights in the UK Your one-stop shop for learning direct action skills
Hosted by: BP or not BP Global Justice Now & Reclaim The Power Low Carbon Hub & Transition by Design Dr Ian Fairlie (Nuclear Scientist) Disabled People Against the Cuts Reclaim the Power
5pm Preparing for day of Mass Direct Action
6.30pm Dinner
7.30pm Evening entertainment – Bands and DJs
11pm Power down


8am Breakfast and packed lunches
All day Direct Action!
6.30pm Dinner
7.30pm Reflecting on our day of action
8:30pm Evening entertainment / Party
10.30pm Power down


8am Breakfast
9am Camp meeting
9.30am Tat down: Returning the space to nature
1pm Lunch
2pm Tat down: Returning the space to nature
Afternoon Goodbyes… until next time!

To see a complete break down of full workshop titles and who will be leading them, click here.

Plenary meeting at Blackpool RTP camp 2014

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